Jubilee 2025 in Rome

Select the date of the Jubilee you wish to participate in, and we will handle all the arrangements.

We work so that your pilgrimage strengthens your faith

Pilgrimage +


Our approach is integrative. We want to accompany in a unique way, one on one, heart to heart, those who embark on this path. Therefore, we offer group and community experiences that favor sharing, prayer and mutual growth.

Agencia Eremo comunicacion catolica

360° Pilgrimages

We believe that pilgrimages are a profound and real way of evangelization. We want to collaborate with this gift of God and place it at the service of the communities, so that people can deepen their relationship with God, with themselves and with others.

The "experience" is special, friendly, accompanying the pilgrim in their different moments.

Let pilgrimages be an experience

"Ultimately, the true Holy City of Christians is the Heavenly Jerusalem, en la cual está Jesús resucitado, y hacia la cual nos guía en nuestra peregrinación final.”

Msgr. Fernando Cavaller